Petra Pasternak, Everlaw: 3 Tips for Choosing New In-House Tech and Pitching the ROI

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Extract from Petra Pasternak’s article “3 Tips for Choosing New In-House Tech and Pitching the ROI”

The pressure has been mounting on corporate legal departments to bring more work in-house, control costs, and do more with less. Meanwhile, the complexity of modern legal work, from contract management to litigation and investigations, continues to grow exponentially. A renewed focus on budgets and headcounts in an uncertain economy is turning up the heat.

But there’s a bright side. Advanced tech tools are now available and gaining traction within legal departments, offering new approaches to legal workflows and service delivery that weren’t possible in the past. 

Everlaw Chief Legal Officer Shana Simmons recently discussed best practices and strategies with Meghan Landrum, Director, Head of Discovery and Legal Data Management at Google, and Chris Young, General Counsel at contract life cycle management company Ironclad

They shared their approaches to digital transformation in their own careers, and tips for how to make the case for legal tech investment to company leaders. One thing they agreed on: in-house legal teams are actually well suited to meet today’s challenges with the right tools, people, and processes in place. 

“The next decade is not just about legal tech but about learning how to be efficient at scale,” Shana said. “Digital transformation is part of that.”

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