Rachel Teisch, OpenText: What is eDiscovery Software?

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Extract from Rachel Teisch’s article “What is eDiscovery Software?”

The discovery process in litigation requires that parties must exchange documents deemed relevant to the case. As most documentation is now created, stored and exchanged in digital form, this element of discovery has become known as electronic discovery – or eDiscovery – and has become an accepted part of legal systems worldwide. Today, the process of preserving, collecting, locating, searching, reviewing, analyzing and acting on electronically stored information (ESI) involved in eDiscovery is applicable to a broader range of business use cases beyond civil litigation.

What is exactly is eDiscovery, how does the best eDiscovery software benefit your organization and what are growing business use cases for eDiscovery software?

What is eDiscovery?

Any legal professional practicing civil litigation in North America is familiar with the discovery process where parties are required to exchange documents that may be relevant or responsive to the matter at hand.  

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