Rahul Chhabra: Driving Legal Technology Adoption for Lawyers in eDiscovery

Extract from Rahul Chhabra’s article “Driving Legal Technology Adoption for Lawyers in eDiscovery”

There is a huge gap in the eDiscovery industry between subject matter experts and lawyers. This article is an attempt at trying to help eDiscovery practitioners climb over the mountain of technology adoptions in eDiscovery and bridge that gap to bring lawyers on board to use technology in discovery. One thing I learned early on in my career is – if you want lawyers to adopt technology – focus on the process, and technology adoption will follow. At the end of the day lawyers care about two things (1) Getting to key documents quickly. (2) Defending the discovery process.

Understand the Business of Law/Talk in Legalese

A lot of people who work at the helm of eDiscovery are technologists who are not lawyers. In conversations with lawyers, technical professionals often start talking about technology and how it works. Since we work in the business of law, it is incumbent on us to learn and speak the language that lawyers use. Understanding the anatomy of a litigation or lawsuit is the first step for eDiscovery practitioners.

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