Rebecca BurWei, Relativity: Using AI to Tackle Data Problems in a Pandemic and Beyond

Extract from Rebecca BurWei’s article “Using AI to Tackle Data Problems in a Pandemic and Beyond”

Artificial intelligence has great power, but it is frequently misunderstood. We often hear of people saying AI is going to take over the world. The truth is, yes, AI will change industries. It will do things that humankind couldn’t do alone. But will AI take over the world? Not likely.

The relationship between humans and technology, though, is the key. We can leverage AI to help us achieve new milestones—but it will not replace the power of the human intellect. Instead, we can use AI to replace more tedious and manual tasks. This will save time and allow us to focus on more complex areas of thought—which can make all the difference in times of crisis.

Recently, data scientists, including myself, used AI in the race for answers around COVID-19. We wanted to share that story, so check out our latest On the Merits film, Pandemic, to see how we helped.

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