Relativity Announces Expansions to Relativity aiR, its Suite of Generative AI Solutions, at Legalweek 2024

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CHICAGO, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Relativity, a global legal technology company, kicks off Legalweek 2024 announcing the limited availability launch of Relativity aiR for Review and shares plans to add products to Relativity aiR addressing use cases such as privilege review and case strategy. Relativity aiR is Relativity’s new suite of fit-for-purpose generative AI solutions that empower users to transform their approach to litigation and investigations.

“The generative AI that powers Relativity aiR is key to unlocking untapped potential that will transform legal work, enabling faster, high-quality insights and equipping our community to solve the most complex legal data challenges,” said Phil Saunders, CEO of Relativity. “The possibilities are immense and exciting, but what remains critically important as we embrace a future of next generation AI is usefulness. This is why every Relativity aiR solution is tailored to help our community solve challenges specific to their needs, backed by the deep insights gained from close collaboration with our customers and partners.”

Each Relativity aiR solution is developed with privacy, security and transparency at its core. They are integrated with Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI services, allowing data to stay protected within the secure boundary of RelativityOne. Relativity aiR solutions provide in-depth explanations, allowing users to fully understand recommendations so they can validate, defend and trust in results.

Achieve More Efficient and Consistent Document Review with Relativity aiR for Review

aiR for Review is now available on a limited basis in the U.S. and targeted to launch for general availability this summer. The solution enables faster and higher quality document review by analyzing documents for responsiveness, issues and importance to help users defensibly find the most relevant information at scale. Detailed rationale and citations are provided alongside aiR for Review’s predictions to ensure teams have a comprehensive understanding of their data and results. Starting in April 2023, several organizations and law firms, including five of the Am Law 100, participated in Relativity’s advanced access program for aiR for Review, incorporating its generative AI into their workflows. Advanced access participants reported that aiR for Review optimized the review process with faster, higher-quality document analysis.

“Relativity aiR for Review offers the potential to change responsiveness review, creating opportunities to build more efficient workflows and improve outcomes for our clients. Accelerating document review empowers our teams to uncover impactful insights in hours rather than days or even weeks,” said Robert Keeling, Partner and the Founder and Head of the eDiscovery and Data Analytics practice at Sidley Austin LLP. “Generative AI will continue to improve and will fundamentally change how the industry conducts document review.”

Relativity Continues to Invest Deeply in Generative AI

Relativity is committed to the thoughtful development of Relativity aiR, with forthcoming solutions for privilege review and case strategy, and investment in top talent to support partner and customer adoption.

Slated for limited availability this spring and general availability later this year, Relativity aiR for Privilege uses generative AI to automate first-pass privilege review, identifying key indicators of legal content to distinguish communications between attorneys and clients from non-privileged materials. The solution accelerates the privilege review and logging process and delivers more reliable results in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional review. Users can confirm the discoveries made by aiR for Privilege and use its provided rationale to make faster decisions within RelativityOne.

Additionally, Relativity aiR for Case Strategy will be generally available later this year. The generative AI-enabled solution makes it faster and simpler for attorneys to construct the story of their case. aiR for Case Strategy allows users to auto-generate facts, visualize fact chronologies, accelerate deposition preparation, and create document, witness and case summaries.

Reflective of Relativity’s dedication to supporting customers and partners through their adoption of Relativity aiR, Relativity created the role of Vice President, Practice Empowerment aiR, welcoming Chris Haley to the organization in December 2023. Haley advises Relativity’s user community on practices to supplement and experiment with Relativity aiR in their workflows, transform key value drivers in their business and align internal processes with strategic goals. In his previous role as Managing Director of Technology at Troutman Pepper eMerge, Haley developed litigation support services, consulted with attorneys to improve efficiencies, and participated in the Relativity aiR for Review advanced access program.

New Capabilities for Modern Data Discovery

Relativity is paving the way for customers to effectively preserve, review and analyze modern communications. As short message data continues its exponential growth — Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF) data has increased three times year over year — Relativity is implementing the following new enhancements in RelativityOne to help tackle the demands of modern data discovery:

  • Preservation Application: The application integrates a redesigned user interface, improved status messaging, non-custodial preservations and the ability to preserve multiple data sources within one legal hold project. At launch, the application will support preserving Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. The application will also support Slack in the coming months.
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams to RSMF Conversion: Slack imports are automatically detected during processing and converted to RSMF with the metadata necessary to review. RSMF conversion for Microsoft Teams will be available in the coming months.

The Relativity Experience at Legalweek 2024

Those attending Legalweek 2024 can visit Relativity at booth #2000. Relativity will cover topics ranging from the ubiquity of generative AI and the explosion of short message data to e-discovery decisions defining the current state of case law in the following CLE Legalweek sessions on Tuesday, Jan. 30:

  • The Evolving Landscape of AI in e-Discovery: Staying Ahead of the Curve: Moderated by Cristin Traylor, Director of Law Firm Strategy at Relativity, this session will present insights on how firms and organizations can think about adoption of new technology like large language models, from forming a task force to piloting generative AI products for e-discovery practice.
  • Collaboration Tools: The Challenges and Opportunities Facing e-Discovery: Moderated by Ann Marie Lane, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Relativity, this session will dive into the rapidly evolving world of short message communication and collaboration, best practices for searching short message communications, the role AI plays in analyzing short messages and what’s next on the horizon.
  • Discovery Case Law Update 2024: From robots performing legal research to texts, Microsoft Teams, and Slack supplanting email in many e-discovery matters, 2023 has been another active year in data law. Moderated by David Horrigan, Discovery Counsel and Legal Education Director at Relativity, industry experts will discuss the most prominent discovery decisions dominating 2024, how they will impact the law going forward, and significant cases that are likely to hit the docket soon.

On day one of Legalweek, Relativity will host its third annual private dinner celebrating the 2024 AI Visionaries announced last week. Spotlighting leaders from Fortune 500 companies and top Am Law firms, the AI Visionaries list features those who have explored, promoted or experimented with AI in novel ways in legal applications.

About Relativity

Relativity makes software to help users organize data, discover the truth and act on it. Its SaaS product, RelativityOne, manages large volumes of data and quickly identifies key issues during litigation and internal investigations. Relativity has more than 300,000 users in approximately 40 countries serving thousands of organizations globally primarily in legal, financial services and government sectors, including the U.S. Department of Justice and 198 of the Am Law 200. Please contact Relativity at [email protected] or visit for more information.


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