Relativity Announces Launch of Relativity Contracts at ILTACON 2023

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Extract from Relativity’s article “Relativity Announces Launch of Relativity Contracts at ILTACON 2023

CHICAGO , Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Relativity, a global legal technology company, today announced at ILTACON 2023 the launch of Relativity Contracts (Contracts), Relativity’s integrated solution for contract analysis available in RelativityOne. Contracts allows users to glean actionable insights when analyzing agreements to meet changing regulatory requirements, realize business value and reduce legal risk.

Relativity Reinvents Contract Analysis
With Contracts, users can streamline review with a best-in-class viewer and powerful workflows, accelerating contract analysis and making project management a breeze. Contracts’ document review capabilities increase accuracy and help reviewers make informed decisions faster, reducing contract review time by 40% and realizing 50% project cost savings.

“We’re thrilled to bring Relativity Contracts to our community, and believe this robust solution, powered by RelativityOne, will enable our customers and partners to unlock the full value of AI-enabled contract analysis,” said Phil Saunders, CEO at Relativity. “We’ve heard great feedback from customers who are already leveraging Contracts to meaningfully advance their workflows, and we look forward to seeing even more customers take advantage of Contracts to expedite reviews and transform agreements into actionable, structured data.”

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