Relativity Highlights EMEA Growth and Unveils Product Updates at Relativity Fest London

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Relativity announces SaaS solution availability in Ireland and UAE, and previews collaboration data and AI product updates

LONDON, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Relativity, a global legal and compliance technology company, today announced at Relativity Fest London that its secure, integrated suite cloud platform RelativityOne and its communication surveillance platform, Relativity Trace will be available in Ireland and the United Arab Emirates in Q3. RelativityOne is the most globally available SaaS platform in e-discovery and communication surveillance — by end of year it will be available in 13 geographies.

At last year’s Relativity Fest London, the company announced RelativityOne would be hosted in Germany and Switzerland and during today’s keynote, Relativity shared it will further strengthen its EMEA presence with plans to add a team in Germany. The global expansion coincides with RelativityOne’s increased usage in the region. Since Relativity Fest London 2020, data under management in EMEA grew 98% and in March RelativityOne reached peak daily users in the region.

“As Relativity continues to grow globally, we’re committed to driving our EMEA presence forward with the expansion of our RelativityOne footprint and addition of our new Germany team, who will bring unmatched expertise on local market requirements and ultimately best serve our customers’ unique needs,” said Steve Couling, Managing Director and Vice President of Sales at Relativity. “With increased importance placed on global availability, we continue to take steps to ensure customers of all types around the world can grow and operate effectively.”

RelativityOne client BDO, a professional services firm providing assurance, tax and advisory services to a wide range of publicly traded and privately held companies, recently leveraged the datacenter in Germany to cement BDO Germany as the hub of their EMEA operations. With a presence in more than 160 countries and territories, global availability is crucial to BDO’s e-discovery strategy.

“Based in Germany, we have clients across the globe and over the last five years we strategically focused on expansion of our services to support and align with our global clients,” said Steffen Idler, Senior Manager of Forensic, Risk and Compliance at BDO Germany. “For our team in EMEA, we needed a solution that was flexible and scalable, and empowered us to handle critical client requests on a moment’s notice. With RelativityOne we are processing and hosting data in a secure platform that delivers the efficiency we need to best serve our clients’ global needs.”

Key Investments in Next-Generation Features for the Future of Work
During today’s opening keynote, Relativity also shared investments it’s making in its products’ next-generation legal and compliance features to account for the evolving, increasingly collaborative nature of work:

  • Accelerating Collections: Beginning in Q3, customers will be able to seamlessly run targeted and defensible collection from Microsoft Teams in RelativityOne Collect. This expands upon capabilities to collect from Outlook email, OneDrive, Slack and Google Workspace (currently in beta). With the recent acquisition of data management software company, VerQu, Relativity is accelerating its ability to collect from a rich array of cloud data sources, targeting 15 by end of year and over 50 in the years ahead, including additional chat and collaboration platforms, enterprise archives and more.   
  • Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF) Enhancements: In June, Relativity is enhancing the RSMF user experience to include read receipts and direction based on custodian, more mobile collection meta data and a streamlined experience when interacting with RSMF throughout the platform. Later in 2021, Relativity will also introduce short message slicing, which will allow customers to drill into the participants, timeframe or individual messages to select only the most relevant for production.
  • Cross-Collaboration with RelativityOne Connect: Launched in March, RelativityOne Connect enables collaboration across the Relativity community by allowing customers to use a single identity to access any RelativityOne workspace or instance at no additional cost. Now, RelativityOne identities can travel with individuals so no matter where they’re providing legal expertise or supporting matters, even new locations or instances, teams are working as securely as possible. 
  • Reducing Risk with RelativityOne Redact: This March, Relativity launched RelativityOne Redact — the world’s most comprehensive redaction solution. The solution offering automated image and native redactions is embedded into the simply powerful user experience with Aero UI and available as a standard feature at no additional cost. In the short time the feature has been available, Relativity customers around the globe created nearly 40 million redactions and highlights on over 175,000 documents.

“As data volumes skyrocket, the shape of data changes and teams move more work in-house, it’s critical that our customers are able to automate and streamline processes and gain insights quickly,” said Chris Brown, Chief Product Officer at Relativity. “Not only did we anticipate this change in the shape of data, but we’ve been actively investing in next-generation legal and compliance features to power the discovery of truth in these datasets in the years ahead.”

Leveraging AI to Find the Signal in the Noise
Data is growing and challenges brought on by Europe’s new GDPR framework, data breaches and complicated mergers are becoming increasingly prevalent and complex making it more important than ever to focus reviews and uncover insights quickly and easily. Relativity’s AI enables users to tackle challenges in compliance, investigations and e-discovery and reduces review time by up to 99%. Today, Relativity announced plans to further develop its AI capabilities in RelativityOne and Relativity Trace:

  • RelativityOne AI Enhancements: Later this year, Conceptual Analytics and Active Learning will be added to automated workflows, creating a user experience where a new workspace is created, documents are uploaded, data is deduped, visualizations are displayed and Active Learning is ready to go with one click. Additionally, integrated document translation capabilities with Microsoft Cognitive Services will be added as well as investigative capabilities that will allow users to better understand people and their emotions within their dataset.
  • Relativity Trace AI Enhancements: Relativity Trace is innovating across its already robust AI and machine learning toolset to further streamline compliance monitoring practices. In April, three new features were introduced that leverage structured enterprise data to create new insights and cover organizational risk more holistically:
    • Control Room Surveillance: integrates with restricted lists, insider lists, grey lists, watchlist and wall crossing lists managed by Control Room teams and uses this data to automatically alert on breaches of defined information barriers, or the inappropriate sharing of material non-public information, or violations of trading restrictions. By automatically correlating this auxiliary data, compliance teams can expose new risks without adding manual overhead. 
    • Trade Reconstruction: integrates trade data from order management, transaction capture or trade surveillance systems and automatically links trades to their related communications. By bringing structured trade data together with unstructured communication data, compliance teams can respond faster and with more confidence to trade reconstruction requests from regulators. 
    • Dynamic Rules: these alerting policies are entirely extendable and adapt as integrated structured data changes. Dynamic Rules opens the door for the entire community to use comprehensive data and AI to alert on risk in an evolving organization.

Attend Relativity Fest London to Learn More
Relativity Fest London is a free, virtual event taking place 18-19 May. The annual region-focused conference is designed to educate and connect the e-discovery and compliance communities. It’s not too late to register. Check out the full agenda here. Sessions will be available on-demand to registrants following the event.

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