Relativity Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Jacy Schoen [Podcast]

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Extract from Relativity’s “Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Jacy Schoen [Podcast]”

This month, we added another stellar woman to the mix. She’s an Aussie, she specializes in social media, and you might have spotted her around the Relativity Community site.

Plot twist—it’s me. I’m Mila Taylor, and as cohost, I escorted Mary Rechtoris to the Women in e-Discovery conference in Austin. While there, we quickly discovered a shared interest in mentorship, empowerment, and exploring all the interesting facets that contribute to making a woman stellar.

In this episode, we chatted with Jacy Schoen, VP of strategy and consulting and senior e-discovery counsel at Precision Discovery. From job losses to bosses who supported technological innovation, Jacy shares her career journey and outlines the events that shaped where she is today.

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