Relativity Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Jariya Laoriendee [Podcast]

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Extract from Mary Rechtoris’ interview “Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Jariya Laoriendee”

Jariya Laoriendee moved to London ready to make connections and participate in a one-year internship program. Little did she know, she would fall in love with the city, earn a master’s degree from the University of Westminster, and establish herself as a leader in e-discovery nearly 10 years later.

Currently serving as associate director at Exiger, Jariya is our latest Stellar Women in e-Discovery nominee. Early on a Monday morning (or afternoon, for you UK readers), we chatted about the importance of channeling positive energy, how automation and analytics play a pivotal role in complying with new regulations, and why residents in a new country should “be bold, be brave, and explore.”

Listen to the full interview here