Richard Laguerre, BIA: eDiscovery Project Manager Value: Higher Than Meets the Eye

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Extract from Richard Laguerre’s article “eDiscovery Project Manager Value: Higher Than Meets the Eye”

Are you underestimating your eDiscovery Project Manager value?

The eDiscovery Project Manager value gets overlooked and understated for a couple of common reasons. The first is a good reason: smooth sailing. When a competent PM has things running smoothly with no issues, it becomes increasingly easy to lose sight of that PM’s true value. (PMs are like a car’s catalytic converter in this way—most people don’t know or care what it does, until one day when it doesn’t work and suddenly everyone cares.)

The second reason is a general lack of understanding about what a Project Manager does – or more accurately, what a truly great PM should do. From the client’s perspective, PMs are the switchboard—they send the client’s requests on to the pertinent people who do the rest of the work. However, the PM role is much more multi-faceted. A typical eDiscovery project is complex, fast-paced, technical, and often involves significant costs. PMs can wear many hats; great PMs master being a jack-of-all-trades.

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