Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery: A 2020 Look at eDiscovery Collection: Task, Spend & Cost Data Points

Extract from Rob Robinson’s article “A 2020 Look at eDiscovery Collection: Task, Spend, and Cost Data Points”

A 2020 Look at eDiscovery Collection: The Task
Within the context of data discovery and legal discovery, the task of collection consists of locating potential sources of electronically stored information (ESI) and gathering ESI for further use in the eDiscovery process. It is one of three tasks, that along with processing and review, make up the core tasks typically associated with the process of eDiscovery.

In considering the relative costs of the three core eDiscovery tasks of collection, processing, and review, in 2012, the task of collection represented approximately 8% of the total expenditure for eDiscovery tasks, with processing representing 19% of expenditures and review representing 73% of expenditures.

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