Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery: Four Eras of eDiscovery? One Approach to Framing Market Growth

Extract from Rob Robinson’s article “Four Eras of eDiscovery? One Approach to Framing Market Growth”

With the understanding that there are many ways to construct a framework for considering and conversing about market growth over time, provided in a talking point format is one era-based approach that may be helpful for deconstructing time frames, market size, growth rates, and investment pulse rates for the eDiscovery market from 2002 through 2023. This era-based approach also attempts to put a memorable “face” on each defined growth period by associating each era with one prominent eDiscovery platform from that era.

Typically used to highlight a span of time for purposes of chronology or historiography, the word era (1) is defined by the Dictionary as a period identified by some prominent figure or characteristic feature.

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