Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery: The Boom of Zoom? Careful Considerations for eDiscovery Professional

Extract from Rob Robinson’s article “The Boom of Zoom? Careful Considerations for eDiscovery Professionals”

Editor’s Note: Given the recent increase in remote working driven by the outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), many legal professionals are now integrating tools into their business communications workflow that they may have never used before or may have never used in environments requiring the legal defensibility of communications. One of these tools is the Zoom teleconferencing platform. Provided below is a series of extracts from information notes, articles, and lawsuits that may be beneficial for consideration by data and legal discovery professionals and providers as they evaluate the use of Zoom in support of the conduct of eDiscovery.

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Full information note from the Data Protection Commission (DPC) Ireland

Data Protection Tip for Video Conferencing
In light of the recent increase in remote working, necessitated by COVID-19 mitigation measures, as well as the increased numbers keeping in touch online with friends and family, the number of people video-conferencing and video-calling has increased dramatically. This has also resulted in people using apps and services which they might not have used before, or are now using for different reasons – i.e. using an app they usually use for personal purposes now for work purposes or vice versa.

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