Robin Carnahan, Randy Hart, and Waldo Jaquith: De-risking Custom Technology Projects

Extract from Robin Carnahan, Randy Hart, and Waldo Jaquith’s “De-risking custom technology projects: A handbook for state budgeting and oversight”

Only 13% of large government software projects are successful. State IT projects, in particular, are often challenged because states lack basic knowledge about modern software development, relying on outdated procurement processes.

State governments are increasingly reliant on modern software and hardware to deliver essential services to the public, and the success of any major policy initiative depends on the success of the underlying software infrastructure. Government agencies all confront similar challenges, facing budget and staffing constraints while struggling to modernize legacy technology systems that are out-of-date, inflexible, expensive, and ineffective. Government officials and agencies often rely on the same legacy processes that led to problems in the first place.

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