Sam Bock, Relativity: Inspiring a Spirit of Innovation–For Work and For Life


Extract from Sam Bock’s article “Inspiring a Spirit of Innovation–For Work and For Life”

I don’t know about you, but the people who inspire me most at work aren’t just great at fulfilling their roles. They show a special kind of curiosity, adaptability, and passion that helps them reach beyond their silo and contribute to their communities in more ways than the ones listed on their job descriptions.

This quality is starkly apparent in our individual Innovation Awards winners. And not only do they embody a great spirit of innovation themselves—but they help spark that passion in others, too.

Check out these insights from some of our 2020 winners—Stellar Women in e-Discovery Kenya Parrish-Dixon, Academic Innovator of the Year Joseph Vallette, and Inclusion Breakthrough of the Year Maribel Rivera—to feel a little of that spark for yourself.

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