Sandy Ono, OpenText: Destination: Artificial General Intelligence

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Extract from Sandy Ono’s article “Destination: Artificial General Intelligence”

At OpenText, we are fully committed to helping organizations gain the AI advantage to reimagine work, as evidenced by our OpenText™ Aviator announcement last fall. But we won’t stop there – our AI strategy is ambitious and far-reaching because we believe we’ve only scratched the surface of how this innovative technology can elevate us to be more.

One of our goals is to deliver solutions based on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a form of AI that moves from automating calculations–as it does today–to actually making choices in a way not unlike how humans solve problems. Still in the research stage, AGI has the ability to understand, learn, and apply knowledge across a wide range of tasks, and it can independently solve problems and adapt to new situations without the need for specific programming for each task.

Unlike so-called “narrow AI,” which is designed to perform a specific function such as voice recognition or image processing, AGI has the capacity to transfer learning from one domain to another, demonstrating a form of intelligence that is versatile and broadly applicable.

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