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Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – February 2020

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2/1/2020: Illinois Supreme Court: Biometric Information Privacy Act Protects Rights Even If No Injury
Illinois Supreme Court rules that Biometric Information Privacy Act does not require actual injury when fingerprint collected without notice or consent.

2/2/2020: Relativity Pricing
Since 2019, Relativity has only charged 33% as much for data stored for early case assessment as it charges for active data, and only charges users that work in RelativityOne (its SaaS software as service) 60% of regular user rates.

2/3/2020: Relativity Pay As You Go Pricing a New User Interface
Aero UI will allow for faster load times.

Relativity Pay As You Go Pricing a New User Interface

2/4/2020: Kubernetes
Kubernetes (K8s) is a system that automatically deploys applications to different web connected computers or hosts.

2/5/2020: Relativity and FedRAMP Certification
Relativity announced this month that it expects to achieve the FedRAMP cloud security authorization later this year.

2/6/2020: findstr command to filter out files with given extension
dir | findstr /v “.pdf”

2/7/2020: NIST Study on Collection of Cell Phone Data
The study showed that Cellebrite Physical Analyzer could not collect stand-alone files and GPS related data on the HTC One Mini.

2/8/2020: NIST Study on Collection of Cell Phone Data – Paraben Electronic Evidence Examiner
NIST/DHS study on collection of data from Android phones using a Paraben tool shows when certain types of data are missed.

2/9/2020: JTAG, Chip Off, and ISP Extractions of Data from Mobile Phones
JTAG data extraction: soldering wires to ports; ISP data extraction: soldering wires to board; Chip Off: the memory card is removed and inserted in a specialized reader.

2/10/2020: Bloomberg’s Brief Analyzer
You can download cases cited in a brief faster than with the Lexis Get & Print tool.

2/11/2020: Exchange Litigation Hold Can Max Out Recoverable Items Folder
The default max size is 30 GB.

2/12/2020: SEC Letter: Produced Exchange Order Audit Trail Info Not Covered By Regulation SCI
Regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity covers all national securities exchanges and requires that their trading systems have adequate security, capacity, and integrity.

2/13/2020: Zero Trust
Zero Trust refers to an approach to cyber security that operates on the premise that an organization should never trust any outside user, device, network, or application.

2/14/2020: RBAC
RBAC stands for role based access control.  This is a security protocol which is commonly used in large organizations.  The key concept is that permission to perform operations and access to objects are assigned to specific roles, rather than individuals.

2/15/2020: Nevada Court of Appeals: No Plain Error in Admission of Facebook Profile Exhibits Without Showing Acquisition with Factual Specificity
Nevada Court of Appeals rejects abuse of discretion claims in admission of Facebook, Text Message, and Phone Tracking App ESI.

2/16/2020: Clearing iPhone RAM
iPhone RAM can be cleared by going to Settings . . . General . . . Shut Down and holding the home button for 5 seconds.

2/17/2020: E.D. Tex.: Cloned Discovery from Another Case Is Improper
Cloned discovery is only permitted when the fact of the production of the documents in another case is relevant to the present case.

2/18/2020: Excel DATEDIF formula to show time gap between two dates
show day, month, or year gap between two dates in





2/19/2020: Excel formula to check how much two cells match




ROW(INDIRECT(“A1:A” &C2)))))

2/20/2020: Edit Video Clips in Windows 10
Don’t miss that you can easily edit video files in Windows 10.

Right click on a video file in Windows Explorer and select Open with . . . Photos

2/21/2020: Avoid Zero Result with ISBLANK
In Excel use the ISBLANK formula to avoid a 0 result.

2/22/2020: App to communicate securely with witness
A judge ruled the WitComapp does not comply with New York state law.

WitComapp image

2/23/2020: PowerShell Command to Create a Zip File
Compress-Archive -Path F:\MyData -DestinationPath F:\foofolder

2/24/2020: Get List of Restore Points
PowerShell Command Get-ComputerRestorePoint

PowerShell Command Get-ComputerRestorePoint

2/25/2020: SQL Fiddle
You can use the free online tool SQL Fiddle to practice your SQL scripting.  See: http://sqlfiddle.com/

2/26/2020: New Jersey Appellate Court Denies Motion to Suppress Warrantless Disabling of Cell Phone Lock
The New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division held that putting a cell phone in airplane mode and disabling the lock on the phone was unlawful.  However, citing the decision of the Supreme Court of United States in Riley v. California, 573 U.S. 373 (2014), the Court found that there was no Fourth Amendment violation because no data was taken from the phone.

2/27/2020: Auto animate bullets individually
In PowerPoint you don’t have to animate each bullet point one by one.

Image of Auto animate bullets individually

2/28/2020: Full Duplex
Full Duplex is a term used to refer to data transmission that operates at the same speed between two devices in both directions simultaneously.

2/29/2020: The Official Regex Search for Email Addresses
There is an official regex to search for any email addresses permitted under the RFC 5322 protocol.

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Sean O'Shea
Litigation Paralegal
Sean O’Shea began working as a litigation support analyst at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP in 1998, near the dawn of the electronic discovery era. From assisting clients with the implementation of information governance policies, to conducting electronic presentations for attorneys at trials, he has been involved in all aspects of litigation support work. Sean is a Relativity Certified Administrator and an ACEDS Certified E-Discovery Specialist. He’s currently employed as a litigation paralegal in New York City, and continues to advise attorneys on legal technology. Look for a new tip on each night on www.litigationsupporttipofthenight.com.

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