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Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – July 2021

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7/1/2021: Software to Compress TIFFs with Specific Algorithms
A free utility will allow you to run a command which will compress TIFF images with either the CCIT Group 4, LZW, Packbits, or JPEG algorithms.

7/2/2021: Jump to a Position on a Web Page with Anchor Tags
An anchor tag is a particular tag inserted after the URL and a hash tag.  So, for example, if you cite to this web page for Canada’s Access to Information Act:
. . . but want to bring the reader to a particular section in the Act, you can use this URL:

7/3/2021: Chrome Extension to Link to Any Area on a Web Page
A Chrome extension, Link to Text Fragment, will generate a hyperlink to selected lines on a web page.

7/4/2021: Google Vault for Data Retention and E-Discovery – Gmail Data
While all Gmail messages will be saved in Vault, only the first 1 MB of each message will be indexed.   Attachments will be indexed if the message text is less than 1 MB, but 1 MB is the limit for the complete message.  The file names of audio, images, and video files will be indexed but their content will not.

7/5/2021: Google Vault Retention of Drive, Groups, Hangout, and Voice Data
Google Vault can save, search, and export files saved to Google Drive from Google applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and files from other applications. It will not retain folder directories created in Drive.

7/6/2021: Jump to Sentences TAR Thinks Make a Document Responsive
KIBIT Automator highlights individual sentences in a document flagged as being responsive, so a reviewer can easily see which parts of the document the TAR software believes make the document relevant.

7/7/2021: Simple Exploit Poses High Threat
The exploit allows a hacker to use the printer spooler to perform privileged operations such as installing programs and deleting files.

7/8/2021: Microsoft’s Flawed Patch to a Simple Exploit
Cybersecurity expert Will Dormann has warned that if the PointandPrint setting in the Registry Editor is set to 1, Microsoft’s patch will not prevent remote code execution.

7/9/2021: TCR
Review cost still takes up most of the budget, with processing cost coming in a distant second.  Collection and hosting fees are minimal.

7/11/2021: Script to extract pages with string from multiple PDF files
This script was tested and confirmed to be working in Adobe Acrobat XI tonight.

7/12/2021: Last Chance FedEx Ship Center in New York City
FedEx apparently sends all of its packages out of Newark Liberty International Airport, which is where you’ll find the FedEx Ship Center of last resort for the 20 million tense, angry, driven souls in the New York City metropolitan area looking to send something to the rest of the country and around the world.   The FedEx Ship Center located at 155 Earhart Dr, Newark, NJ 07114 stays open until 10 PM each night during the week.

7/13/2021: The Advantages of RelativityOne
‘Short messages’ like text messages or Slack posts, can be filtered in order to select messages in a particular date range or between particular participants so less time is spent reading through numerous one or two sentence exchanges.

7/14/2021: Draft Emails Are Inclusive
DRAFT emails are an anomaly. Draft messages are never treated as duplicate spares. They will always be marked as inclusive, and be considered unique content.

7/15/2021: Document Numbering Down Under: Australian Document Management Protocols
In Australia, the courts have mandated each document collected for a matter have a unique document ID assigned to it, which it then retains regardless of whether or not the document is produced. A document ID is assigned during processing, and is not changed.

7/16/2021: CaseMap Linking Error
Having more than one link on an object has disadvantages however. Errors may occur in CaseMap on objects with multiple links, particularly if the CaseMap database is relocated to a different network.

7/17/2021: 6th Circuit: Metadata Can Be Discovered With Due Diligence
“Because we agree with the district court that the forensic reports and metadata do not constitute newly discovered evidence that could not have been discovered earlier with due diligence, we find no abuse of discretion in the district court’s refusal to hear testimony addressing the substance of that evidence.”  United States v. Mehmood, Nos. 19-1243/19-1667/19-1669, 2021 U.S. App. LEXIS 21132, at *24 (6th Cir. July 15, 2021).

7/18/2021: Propagation
It is not recommended that coding decisions be propagated on near duplicates, or that decisions in the responsiveness field be propagated.

7/19/2021: Email threading in Gmail
Gmail will thread all emails that:
1. Have the same subject, recipients, and senders.
2. Were sent within one week of one another.
3. Have a reference header ID in common.

7/20/2021: Excel Formula to Find Date in Multiple Date Ranges
You can use an Excel formula to check where multiple dates listed in one column, are found between a beginning and ending date range in a separate table, and pull the associated value from a third column that lines up with the date range.

7/21/2021: HSR Second Requests Expected to Increase Under Biden
Last December, Congress increased the budget of the FTC by $20 million, and the budget of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice by $18 million.

7/22/2021: Number of FTC /DOJ HSR Second Requests Per Year
An average of 50 were made between 2010 and 2019, with no significant trend upwards or downwards, and there was an about even split between the DOJ and the FTC.

7/23/2021: Save multiple tabs from Chrome
The SingleFile extension for Chrome will allow you to save multiple open tabs in the browser as separate .html files.

7/24/2021: How Relativity Uses Your Private Data
A request to access, correct, or delete personal data can be submitted at:

7/25/2021: Get a list of unique values in a table
Enter the following SQL command:
FROM Olympics

7/26/2021: Troubleshooting VBA Error on Code to Extract .msg File Metadata
If the folder holding .msg files to be processed does not have any .msg files, this error will be returned:

7/27/2021: regex to find numbers
You can use the below regex to find any whole number, decimal number, or fraction;

7/28/2021: accessing wifi networks
Many public WiFi networks will use their DNS server to indicate which login page you should use.  If a Google DNS has been added to your device, this may prevent the WiFi network from finding its server.  To avoid this on an iPhone go to Settings . . . WiFi, and press the circled I next to the WiFi name.  Set  ‘Configure DNS’ to automatic.

7/29/2021: NIST SP 800-60

7/30/2021: Sharing VPN Accounts
If a VPN app is set to perform zero-logging the provider will not access your data.  But keep in mind that some services like Google and Facebook will log your activity even if you are using a VPN.

7/31/2021: Power for Laptops in the EU and the USA
If you buy a laptop in Europe, and plan to also use it later on back home in the United States keep in mind that you may need a converter.  The American grid is set for 110 volts, whereas most European countries have a 220 volt system.  Some laptops will come with dual power adapters that will work in both regions.

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