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Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – November 2020

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11/1/2020: National Practitioner Data Bank
The Department of Health and Human Services maintains the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), a database which records restrictions placed on physicians’ privileges to practice, payments made for malpractice, and a rescinding of their licenses.

11/2/2020: Split Tunneling
Split tunneling will allow a user to connect to a work server securely, while simultaneously connecting directly on a public network for web searches or video streaming for which the user has no confidentiality concerns.

11/3/2020: VPN Protocols
OpenVPN is most widely used and secure, but IPSec does not require a third party application.

11/4/2020: Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA)
Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) allows for the analysis of unstructured text – such as email messages and documents – data which is not in a relational database.

11/5/2020: Tokenization
Lexeme is the term used to identify a sequence of characters from source data that matches a token.

11/6/2020: Stanford versus Apache Tokenization
Apache works faster than Stanford, and will work with larger data sets than Stanford can.

11/7/2020: Co-reference Resolution

Co-reference Resolution

11/8/2020: SCOTUS to Rule on Whether Unauthorized Access to Computer Data Is a Federal Crime
Van Buren v. United States, No. 19-783 (U.S. filed Dec. 18, 2019), is a case in which the Petitioner has asked the Supreme Court of the United States to rule on whether or not a person who is authorized to access information on a computer for certain purposes violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act if the same information is accessed for an unauthorized purpose.

11/9/2020: How much data does de-NISTing remove from the C drive?
The official Reference Data Set (RDS) of the National Institute of Standards and Technology lists digital signatures for 28 million files, but does not include all system files.

11/10/2020: California Privacy Rights Act
The CPRA is designed to remove the burden on small businesses by exempting those which collect personal information from less than 100,000 consumers.

11/11/2020: IPv6 Address
The old IPv4 format was:  The new IPv6b format is: 2001:4998:0124:1507:0000:0000:0000:f000

11/12/2020: Regex search for everything but . . .
If you want to run a regular expression search which will find all characters except a few that you designate, you should use this format: [^0123]

11/13/2020: Administering Deposition Oaths Remotely
When conducting remote depositions, one issue to consider is whether or not the laws of the jurisdiction the case was filed in permit the reporter to take an oath remotely, and if the reporter can administer that oath to someone who is out-of-state.  This is an issue which is easy to overlook, since usually the reporter assigned to a deposition will reside in the same state in which the deposition takes place.

11/14/2020: For Motions to Transfer in the Age of ESI, Ease of Access is Moot
A recent decision in the Northern District of California confirmed that when evidence is ESI, ease of access should be not be considered as a factor in motion to transfer venue cases.

11/15/2020: Factors to Consider When Selecting a File Share Service
If the file share software is open source, it will be easier for security experts to check for its vulnerabilities.

11/16/2020: Remote Notarizations in New York State Must Be In-State
Reporters in New York may not be able to take the oath of deponents located in another state.

11/17/2020: Summary Charts and Demonstratives in the Jury Room
Demonstratives are generally not allowed during jury deliberations, but summary charts may be brought into the jury room with other exhibits.

11/18/2020: E2EE on Zoom Calls
Zoom is now offering end-to-end encryption.  E2EE prevents anyone from viewing the video conference except the participants.

11/19/2020: Tracking Fedex packages wayback
While tracking information for Fedex packages is only stored for the past 90 days on the Fedex site, data about packages prepared using PS|Ship will be stored for at least 15 years.

11/20/2020: Outlook StatView
Outlook StatView will quickly generate a list of all emails in a selected Outlook profile; their domains; the number of incoming and outgoing messages; the date range of those messages; and several other datapoints.

11/21/2020: The HITECH Act
Under the Act, healthcare organizations covered by HIPAA have to report data breaches which concern more than 500 people to the Department of Health and Human Services and the victims of the breach themselves, as well as give public notice of the breaches.

11/22/2020: Function to remove non-alphanumeric characters from an Excel spreadsheet
It will remove line breaks as well.

11/23/2020: Excel Formula to Search Range of Cells
You can use this array formula:

=IF(COUNTIF($C$2:$H$2000, $A4)=0, “”, INDEX($C$2:$C$2000, MAX(IF(A4=$C$2:$H$2000, ROW($C$2:$H$2000)-1))))

. . . to search a range of cells (in this example C2:H2000)  in Excel for one value (given in A4) , and return the value from a given column in that range (in this example column C.).

11/24/2020: Increase Letters One by One

11/25/2020: Cross Domain Solutions
A cross domain solution is a system which is designed to allow two network domains (a single domain being servers with a common login) to securely exchange data.

11/25/2020: Automatically create static hyperlinks in Excel – without the HYPERLINK function
VBA code to automatically create links that don’t rely on a dynamic function.

11/27/2020: Set All Excel Rows to the Height of the Highest
It’s easy with vba code to set all rows to the same height as your highest row.

11/28/2020: S.D.N.Y. Orders Redactions In Summary Judgment Exhibits for PII Covered by GDPR
The Court granted a motion to redact documents filed in support of a summary judgment motion that had PII covered by the GDPR. 

11/29/2020: Don’t Use SMS for 2FA
Cell phones can be vulnerable to phishing attacks that lead service providers to direct texts to different SIM cards. The New York State Department of Consumer Protection has posted a warning about scams which aim to switch SIM cards to new devices.

11/30/2020: Client Isolation
A setting called ‘client isolation’ on a router will prevent a computer that connects to a wifi network from accessing computers (and other devices) that are on the same network with wired connections.

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