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Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – October 2019

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9/25/2019: more on searching text files with powershell
Case sensitive search for multiple strings:

Select-String -Path C:\FooFolder\txt\*.txt -pattern Art,Beauty,Law -CaseSensitive

9/26/2019: more helpful bookmarlets
Use a bookmarklet to grab all images on a web page.

9/27/2019: Excel formula to compare how similar text is two cells is
This is useful to find variations on a person’s name on a worksheet.

9/28/2019: powershell command to get a list of files in a folder
Get-ChildItem -Path C:\FooFolder

9/29/2019: Prince Moves to Sanction
In a case in which the Defendants wiped the content of cell phones, the Court issued a fine but not an adverse inference instruction.

9/30/2019: Use VPN while on public wifi
A good VPN should allow you to hide your location and true IP address.

10/1/2019: Confirming that your VPN is active
If you’ve installed a VPN app on your phone and you want to confirm that it’s activated, google “What’s my IP address?” before turning on the app and then afterwards.  If the IP address doesn’t change then the VPN is not working.

10/2/2019: Study of OCR Quality
Adobe’s Capture OCR tool finds more false negatives than it does false positives.

10/3/2019: Connecting your smartphone aboard
If you have an iPhone go to Settings . . . Cellular . . .Network Selection, and then turn off the automatic setting.  Below you should see multiple local networks to choose from.

10/4/2019: SAP ERP
SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning) is software package widely used by companies for business operations; finance; human resources; and other corporate services.

10/5/2019: Court rejects inquiry into doc review process
An inquiry by opposing counsel about a party’s document review process was rejected.

10/6/2019: Clipboardic
Nirsoft’s free utility Clipboardic will copy whatever you copy to your clipboard to a designated file.

10/7/2019: D.C. Court Finds that Low Precision Is Good Cause for Extending Discovery Schedule
A production with a precision of 16.7% was found to be good cause for the extension of discovery deadlines.

10/8/2019: Relativity Security White Paper
Relativity utilizes the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base to keep track of the techniques used by hackers.

10/9/2019: G-Cloud
The UK’s G-Cloud programme is a digital marketplace where British government agencies can acquire cloud computing services.

10/10/2019: Replicating Entries Across Worksheets
Don’t miss that in MS Excel you can replicate entries on one worksheet across multiple worksheets by selecting the cells you want to copy, selecting the worksheets the data should be sent to, and then going to Home . . . Fill . . . Across Worksheets.

10/11/2019: Creating a Searchable Set for an Analytics Index
When creating a searchable set for an analytics index in Relativity, don’t use single choice, multiple choice, or multiple object fields.

10/13/2019: Name Normalization
In name normalization, Relativity will use segment matching to help associate email aliases with one another. Segment matching reviews emails sent on the same date with the same body to see if email addresses in the header fields can be joined.

10/14/2019: Running Name Normalization in Structured Analytics
Name normalization in structured analytics in Relativity can identify as many as 2900 email aliases in as little as four minutes.

10/15/2019: PowerPoint Slides Lock Up
If your PowerPoint slides lock up, make sure you’re not in kiosk mode.

10/16/2019: Australia’s IRAP
The Australian government’s Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) provides cyber security guidelines.  Assessors identify security deficiencies and then evaluate compliance with corrective measures.

10/17/2019: Windows File Protection
If you run the command:

sfc /scannow

. . . in the System32 folder, the utility System File Checker will perform a comprehensive search for any corrupted system files.

10/18/2019: Trial Director Problems on Windows 10
Trial Director may not launch on Win 10, but IPro has a fix for you.

10/19/2019: dir command to target folder
Drag and drop a folder on a batch file and it will generate a list of the contents.

dir command to target folder

10/20/2019: dir command
dir /s /w >files.txt – for wide format.

10/21/2019: Exiftool
ExifTool is a must have – a nice and easy little utility that helps you capture metadata.

10/22/2019: Highlighting Photo Areas with the Fragment Tool
Use PowerPoint’s fragment tool to emphasize an area in a photo.

10/23/2019: Avoiding the overwrite prompt for duplicate file names
Add echo “No” | copy/-Y

to the start of a copy batch file to avoid the overwrite prompt for dupe files in the destination folder.

10/24/2019: Set Long Text Field Size mass operation
In Relativity when using the mass op Set Long Text Field Size, you can edit the documents in a set for the text field size even if you only have read only permissions to the documents.

10/25/2019: Comparing workbooks
Activate the compare and merge workbooks tool in Excel to detect changes in multiple Excel files.

10/26/2019: What about your iPhone is foregone?
This month, the Oregon Court of Appeals in State v. Pittman, 300 Or App 147 (Ore. Ct. App. Oct. 16, 2019) ruled that the Fifth Amendment did not prevent the police from requiring a defendant to disclose the passcode to her smartphone.

10/27/2019: Simple Mass Downloader
Use the Simple Mass Downloader add-in for Chrome to bulk download files.

10/28/2019: D. Minn.: Fee-Shifting Sanctions for Failure to Reproduce Emails Buried in Initial Data Dump
“It was unreasonable for Mr. Beckmann to turn over to his client the responsibility for searching through his ESI and that abdication contributed to the discovery failures in this case.”

10/29/2019: NYS App. Div.: Social Media Tags Discoverable If They Contradict Claims
The Court’s unanimous decision stated that, “That plaintiff did not take the pictures himself is of no import. He was ‘tagged,’ thus allowing him access to them, and others were sent to his phone.”

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Sean O’Shea began working as a litigation support analyst at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison LLP in 1998, near the dawn of the electronic discovery era. From assisting clients with the implementation of information governance policies, to conducting electronic presentations for attorneys at trials, he has been involved in all aspects of litigation support work. Sean is a Relativity Certified Administrator and an ACEDS Certified E-Discovery Specialist. He’s currently employed as a litigation paralegal in New York City, and continues to advise attorneys on legal technology. Look for a new tip on each night on www.litigationsupporttipofthenight.com.

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