Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals

Sean O’Shea: Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – September 2020

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9/1/2020: FedRAMP 3PAOs
Make sure that your CSP is evaluated by a third party assessment organization approved by FedRAMP.

9/2/2020: Courtroom Technology in the District of Minnesota
The ELMO should have a ‘freeze’ button, which will allow the image shown on the courtroom monitors to be fixed, while the next hard copy document is positioned for display.

9/3/2020: Countdown to Trial
“Nothing can damage your credibility more before a jury than waiting for exhibits to be located, especially as unexpected changes occur ‘on the fly’ during a cross-examination.”

9/4/2020: Nomad Carts
Nomad carts arts may be designed as compact mobile shelves like the Nomad PS:

Nomad Carts

9/5/2020: More on Nomad Evidence Presentation Carts
The screen should be calibrated anytime the system is moved, and at least once a week.

9/6/2020: Data Retention in Slack
Keep in mind that Slack’s messages will be retained indefinitely under the default settings.  Specific retention settings can be set for individual channels and users of those channels may or may not be given notice of the expiration deadline for the messages.  

9/7/2020: AMD APU
If you’re getting a new laptop to use for electronic presentations consider getting an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU).  Advanced Micro Devices‘ 64-bit microprocessor uses a graphics processing unit integrated with the CPU.  

9/8/2020: Relativity Security White Paper
Malware is reviewed in sandboxes so Relativity can understand how it functions.

9/9/2020: Separate data delimited in cells onto different rows
Use this technique in Excel to parse out data that is separated with a delimiter inside a single cell on to new rows, with information from adjacent columns repeating on the new rows.

Separate data delimited in cells onto different rows

9/10/2020: NIST Explains AI
Explainable Artificial Intelligence is a term used to describe a method for allowing the results of AI systems to be understood by humans.  NIST’s NISTIR 8312 Four Principles of Explainable Artificial Intelligence establishes these four principles for explainable AI.

9/11/2020: Looping Animation Sequences on a PowerPoint Slide
You can make animation in PowerPoint loop by synching them to a recorded audio file.

9/12/2020: Attorney Struggle with Trial Technology
Former FTI director Shannon Bales warns: Trial teams shoot themselves in the foot by over relying on outside service providers and getting cut-off from their home offices.  Firms need to create standards for how their help desks can prioritize requests from trial teams, and provide any missing hardware quickly.

9/13/2020: More on Attorneys Struggling With Trial Technology
Trial tech expert Shannon Bales recently worked on a trial at which $1B was at stake.  The opposing counsel consisted of more than 20 attorneys.  They refused to pay for a/v equipment leased from a third party vendor; didn’t have a professional hot seat trial tech; declined help from Shannon’s firm getting dialing into the a/v system; had nothing on screen for the first 2 days of the trial; couldn’t get power cables for a newly configured system on the third day, even though they had a large office in the same city; and the opposing counsel tried to call up documents by Bates numbers rather than exhibit numbers.

9/14/2020: Trial Director 360 Specs – 2 GB of Dedicated VRAM
Heed Ipro’s warning: “The minimum hardware requirements are suitable for trial preparation purposes.  The recommended hardware requirements are strongly suggested for courtroom presentation.”

9/15/2020: Swiss – U.S. Privacy Shield in Doubt
This month the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner concluded that the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield as not providing an adequate level of protection under the Switzerland’s Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP)

9/16/2020: A  2000 Article on Courtroom Technology Looks Ahead to Today
“Indeed, it would not be difficult to move the entire appellate argument to the World Wide Web. Each participant would see and hear all the others as appropriate. The personnel of the Courtroom 21 Project believe that this could be done today. Accordingly, in one sense modern courtroom technology can change the appellate courtroom-it can eliminate it wholesale.” Frederic Lederer, The Effect Of Courtroom Technologies On And In Appellate Proceedings And Courtrooms, 2 J. App. Prac. & Process 251, 273 (2000).

9/17/2020: Capture Web-based Video Easily in Win 10
Win 10 makes it very each to capture video streaming on the web with its nifty Game Bar.   Activate the Game Bar by pressing the Windows Key + G.

9/18/2020: Brazil’s Data Protection Law LGPD Effective Today
Data controllers and processors that do not comply with the LGPD can be fined up to 2% of their revenue in Brazil, with a maximum fine of 50 million reais.

9/19/2020: Clipboard History a Hot Key Away
If you simply prese the Windows key + v in Win 10, the clipboard contents will appear at the lower right.

9/20/2020: Unwanted emails purged easily in Gmail
Gmail automatically sorts social media related notifications, and promotional emails into separate folders.

9/21/2020: Court rules on cell phone use in court from coast to coast
The NCSC has posted links to state court policies on the use of portable electronic devices and wireless access in courtrooms.

9/22/2020: PPPoE / DHCP / L2TP / PPTP
L2TP is useful to create a secure connection between a remote computer and home network – it enables virtual private networking.

9/23/2020: Travel Routers

If you’re travelling for work, consider using a portable travel router.  These little gadgets can enhance the coverage provided by a wifi network, and secure your connection with a VPN for multiple devices.   T

9/24/2020: Finding Lost Word Files
Look for .asd files in the autorecover folder designated in Options.

9/25/2020: wifi troubles
If you can’t connect to a wifi network, go into Device Manager and uninstall the wireless network card, then reboot.

9/26/2020: Data Lost After 2 Years of Inactivity
OneDrive accounts will be closed after more than one year of inactivity.

9/27/2020: Duplex Printing Sold Separately
Keep in mind that many printers will only automatically print out on both sides of a page, if a separate duplexer is installed.

9/28/2020: ABCs of Reviewing Video Surveillance Footage
Some systems use motion histograms that will indicate where movement appears in a video image.

9/29/2020: Laptop Safety
Take advantage of the option in system settings that will simply have Windows 10 do nothing when the lid is closed.

9/30/2020: eBrevia
eBrevia’s contract management software uses AI to analyze provisions in a large set of contracts an organization is party to.

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