Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Joy Murao [PODCAST]

Extract from Relativity’s blog post “Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Joy Murao [PODCAST]”

When Joy Murao began her career in litigation support in 1994, the world of discovery looked vastly different. The days of poring over paper documents have since been replaced by sharing files electronically; however, according to Joy, the more things change, the more they stay the same. What has held true throughout the years has been the importance of mentorship and empowering young professionals as they navigate their careers.

Joy has been an inspiration and a leader to many in the field. Several of her colleagues and peers nominated her as a “stellar woman in e-discovery” for her enthusiasm for education and ability to collaborate with her clients to solve challenges.

The Relativity Blog chatted with Joy on her career, her aptitude for problem solving, and why we all should consider a lesson in improv.

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