Stellar Women in E-Discovery: Mimi Singh

Extract from April Runft’s article “Stellar Women in e-Discovery: Mimi Singh [PODCAST]”

(informal) “Featuring or having the quality of a star performer; exceptionally good; outstanding”

What does “stellar” look like in e-discovery?

We recently launched a campaign asking you to nominate the e-discovery women in your world who personify stellar. What you’re telling us: stellar goes beyond navigating through tricky technical challenges, complex regulatory environments, overlapping projects, and the steady thrum of deadlines. Stellar means to make time in the chaos to mentor others, prioritize learning, celebrate the strengths of your team and colleagues across your organization, and be a champion for innovation—even if that means more work in the short term.

According to her teammates, Mimi Singh, associate general counsel and director of e-discovery at Evolver, more than fits the bill. The Relativity Blog sat down with Mimi to learn more about keeping up—and keeping a sense of humor.

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