Stephanie Wilkins: Beyond E-Discovery: What You Might Have Missed at Relativity Fest

Extract from Stephanie Wilkins’s article “Beyond E-Discovery: What You Might Have Missed at Relativity Fest”

“Technology tools can be a force of good,” declared Relativity CEO Mike Gamson from the main stage during his opening keynote address at Relativity Fest on Oct. 26 in Chicago. 

While the company took the conference as a chance to announce several new AI-related products and enhancements, much of the conference focused on the work of Relativity and its partners outside the traditional world of e-discovery. In fact, many attendees noted that the term e-discovery was seldom heard during the three days of sessions and programming. 

While the company emphasized its products’ role in what Relativity Chief Product Officer Chris Brown dubbed “the year of AI” to come, much of the conference’s focus was on the various social justice initiatives Relativity is currently pursuing.

Before launching into product announcements, Gamson spent a significant amount of time highlighting several Relativity social programs and initiatives from the last year. These included Relativity Fellows, which nurtures talent in often-overlooked communities; Relativity’s Justice for Change Partners, who use Relativity technology to fight social injustice; Relativity’s partnership with Chicago Public Schools, through which they recently invested $175,000 in Corliss STEM High School to foster legal technology education; and more.

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