Stephen Johnson: Geospatial Data: A Missed Opportunity for Electronic Discovery Matters

Extract from Stephen Johnson’s article “Geospatial Data: A Missed Opportunity for Electronic Discovery Matters”

The legal landscape is teeming with applications that have reshaped the practice of law. But are we fully utilizing the potential of technology in our legal matters? The answer is no. There are innumerable options for applications that can augment capabilities, particularly where electronic discovery is concerned, that any law firm can purchase or gain access to.

On the subject of geospatial data, there is unlocked potential within the data we collect. For example, smart devices such as phones, track and save an exorbitant amount of information about an individual. The common practice is to collect all data from the phone and focus on just a fraction of the information gathered, such as emails, text messages, browser history and photos. But a smart device can paint a much more visual portrait of events involving a user, through location services.

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