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Survey Announcement: Inaugural 2021 ACEDS Canada E-Discovery Compensation

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Standard to any career, there are many factors that impact the compensation of legal professionals. Amongst the factors that contribute to how a professional’s salary are:

  • Location
  • Years of experience
  • Education
  • Organization type
  • Industry

With additional challenges and many organizations shifting to remote work in 2020, the past year’s changes may have further influenced the average compensation of legal professionals.

To help gain insight into the salary and compensation of Canadian e-discovery and litigation support professionals, the ACEDS Vancouver and Toronto chapters are conducting the first Canada E-Discovery survey. The survey is brief, anonymous, and will help us to better understand the average salary in the Canadian e-discovery industry.

We plan to hold this survey annually and expand the questions and responses as the e-discovery industry evolves. The results of the survey will be sent to ACEDS members residing in Canada and individuals who send a request to [email protected] or [email protected].

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