The Business Fame on iCONECT: Soaring to New Heights Beyond Legal eDiscovery


Extract from The Business Fame’s article “iCONECT: Soaring to new Heights Beyond Legal eDiscovery”

The term ‘having wings’ has never been more appropriate than with the iCONECT software platform, one of the Most Recommended Technology Solutions, built on a foundation of technical excellence which dates back 15+ years. The company of 40+ employees located in San Francisco, California, and London, Canada is now spreading its wings in more than just eDiscovery. As the market continues to evolve with environmental changes and technology advancements, client’s expectations have also increased. Changes brought by Covid-19, people’s increased comfort in the use of comprehensive tech devices and the accessibility to information has given an opportunity for the iCONECT platform to evolve.

The iCONECT platform is often used to ingest electronic or paper documents, build an index of the contents of those documents and allow the users to then search, sort, organize, tag, print, or share those documents with others. The platform has been used in some of the world’s largest and most complex legal cases (such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (BP), JFK archives, Toyota seatbelt, and NFL concussion cases) and continues to shine (as per iCONECT’s tagline) with “Making Information Accessible”.

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