The Case for Pausing in eDiscovery by Helen Stocklin-Enright, Perkins Coie (LTN)

Extract from Helen Stocklin-Enright, Perkins Coie’s article “The Case for Pausing in E-Discovery”

What type of mindset allows for successful resolution of the complexities faced by IT and legal teams in e-discovery? At the risk of seeming too cheeky or simplistic, the short answer is a clear mind. But how do you get there? Do the opposite of what a busy workday calls for—do not tackle what’s in front you right now. Pause. Particularly when things are busy.

It sounds simple, yet it’s challenging to do consistently and well. The practice of pausing is not a new one; many have written about this over the years. There are many ways to incorporate pausing and experts who offer support to do it. The key to the pause is to mentally step back and remain present. It remains an increasingly important practice in e-discovery as data volumes grow and the speed of work continues to ramp up.

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