The Comprehensive Guide to New E-Discovery Technology

Extract from Exterro’s article “The Comprehensive Guide to New E-Discovery Technology”

Every year, tech journals and product developers hype new e-discovery technology that’s going to revolutionize the industry, but it’s rare to hear about new technologies from people actually using them. In Exterro’s Comprehensive Guide to New E-Discovery Technology, hear direct from e-discovery professionals, not product developers, about five new technologies changing how they practice e-discovery on a daily basis. This comprehenisve guide goes beyond the hype to present practical definitions, advantages, and disadvantages of these technologies in a single resource.

Download this resource to learn:

  • Practical definitions of e-discovery cloud software, in-place preservation, in place early case assessment, artificial intelligence, and e-dsicovery software platform
  • Expert perspectives on pros, cons, and use cases for these technologies
  • Tips for assessing if these technologies are right for your organization

Download the resource here