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The Ethics of AI: A Conversation with ACEDS Advisory Board Member Maura Grossman

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In a powerful interview with Gulan Media, Professor Maura R. Grossman, who sits on the ACEDS Advisory Board, discusses the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various sectors such as healthcare, transportation, and public services.

The conversation emphasizes the importance of balancing risks and rewards when harnessing AI’s power. The interview addresses ethical considerations and challenges associated with AI, such as bias, privacy infringement, data security breaches, and over-reliance on AI systems.

Instead of always examining the risks and potential harms of AI, Dr. Grossman suggests that there are some positives to consider as well.

“A better approach is to use the AI as an aid, or a supplement, to a physician, not to replace the physician entirely. AI turns out to be very good for diagnostics purposes. There are already tools where AI can read a radiology plate more accurately than a radiologist because it’s seen more of them, but you don’t want to completely eliminate the radiologist from the picture. So, what you need to do is, maybe the AI does the initial screening or the initial interpretation of the plate, and then that’s confirmed by a human doctor. . . . We need validation of these tools and we need close monitoring. I think they pose much less risk when they augment a human than if you just replace the human with the AI.”

Dr. Grossman discusses the potential for AI-enabled cyber warfare and autonomous weapons, highlighting the need for international regulations and agreements to mitigate risks.

The interview touches upon job creation and the need for lifelong training in the face of automation, as well as the utilization of AI in less technologically advanced nations to foster improvement and development. She also emphasizes the importance of addressing biases in AI systems, expanding infrastructure, tailoring training data, and leveraging AI in sectors like healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and education.

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