Thoughts on the launch of Linklaters’ global eDiscovery service

Extract from Jonathan Maas’ article “Thoughts on the launch of Linklaters’ global eDiscovery service” 

Linklaters are not known for thinking small when it comes to client-facing initiatives. In 1996 they launched Blue Flag, their revolutionary system for clients in the financial services industry (later spun off, in 2008, with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services to become available to the broader financial services market). Roll forward to 2003 when they completed implementation of their firm-wide SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) management system. Hop forward to 2016 when they were one of the first firms to set up a partner-led global innovation team. Now, in 2018, they suddenly announce their new global eDiscovery service. I say “suddenly” because I know they have spent the last 12 months or so establishing the Servient proof of concept behind closed doors in their flagship London office. In April 2018 they recruited Harjot Sehmi from the Financial Conduct Authority to head their eDiscovery team under the watchful eye of Jas Mundae.

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