Three Keys to a Successful E-Discovery Solution Implementation: Interview with an E-Discovery Expert

Extract from Tim Rollins’ blog article “Three Keys to a Successful E-Discovery Solution Implementation: Interview with an E-Discovery Expert”

If asked to name the “star players” in the world of e-discovery, you could be forgiven if the first people who popped into mind were the judges. After all, they’re the ones interpreting the Rules by which the practice of e-discovery is governed. Or perhaps you’d think of the visionaries and technologists, the star names that appear at all the conferences with predictions for the future, defining (and helping create) the trends.

But both judges and visionaries work as much in the theoretical realm of e-discovery, rather than in the trenches, where the day-to-day work happens. In that space, you need a team to accomplish the work, whether that’s conducting e-discovery or implementing the technology and processes that enable it to happen. There, the composition and cohesion of the team matter as much (or more) than anything else in determining success. One professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in the trenches is Hal Faden, Senior eDiscovery Implementation Project Manager at the nation’s oldest workers compensation insurance company (104 years old) located in Pleasanton, California.

After operating in the world of e-discovery for more than a decade, Hal has the experience and perspective to understand the landscape. “The 2006 FRCP Amendments really kicked off the e-discovery process,” he explains, “but companies are still struggling to maintain compliance and implement e-discovery solutions. They feel like they need to go outside their organization to bring in a subject matter expert, someone who can take ownership from initial concept through implementation, a visionary who can define the road map.”

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