Tim Rollins, Exterro: 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Document Review Process

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Extract from Tim Rollin’s article “3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Document Review Process”

Attorneys, whether you’re in-house counsel or you’re working at a law firm servicing corporate clients, it’s time we talked about your document review process. Chances are your process is pretty close to what you’ve always been doing, maybe for a decade or longer… but that’s just not going to do anymore. Things have changed in a lot of ways over the last five to ten years—and if you haven’t adapted your document review process, you’re creating unnecessary risk and doing unnecessary work, either for your own company or your clients’.

First of all, there are more reasons than ever why it’s imperative to have a document review solution in place. Everyone understands that there’s more data than ever before, located in a more diverse set of locations. Large organizations have to reckon with computers, networks, off-network storage, cloud technology platforms, multiplying communications applications, personal devices like smartphones and tablets, and on and on the list goes. Not only that—there are more use cases than ever, as well. Of course, electronic discovery for civil litigation is near and dear to our heart, but we’re also talking about things like:

  • Internal and regulatory investigations like those arising from HR matters, employment changes, potential wrongdoing, or misuse of company resources, etc.
  • Data breach response to understand what data has been compromised and who needs to be notified
  • Data subject access requests (DSARs) to comply with privacy regulations like CPRA, CCPA, GDRP, and more
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and public records requests (PRRs) for governmental agencies and other publicly regulated entities

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