Tim Rollins, Exterro: E-Discovery Day 2021 Is Just a Month Away!

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Extract from Tim Rollins’s article “E-Discovery Day 2021 Is Just a Month Away!”

Exterro and our E-Discovery Day 2021 partners—ACEDS, ARMA, and EDRM—are getting excited as we get closer to our celebration of all things e-discovery this year. We’re just a month away from the date, December 3rd.

We’ve got a lot a lot of great news today that we want to share with you all. To start off, we want to congratulate our three ACEDS Certification Scholarship winners:

  • Anthony Edoga, IT Staff at State of Maryland 
  • Diane Diaz, Sr. Litigation Paralegal, McDonald’s
  • Gartrude Cohran, Litigation Support Specialist, VW 

Congratulations on winning a scholarship for CEDS certification for yourself or a colleague!https://giphy.com/embed/jJQC2puVZpTMO4vUs0

Over 700 e-discovery professionals participated in our quiz, so finally we’re going to have data-driven answers to important and fun e-discovery questions like who is the toughest group of professionals to work with on e-discovery projects, what’s your favorite part of Federal Rule of Evidence 502, and what do e-discovery professionals do to relax?

We’re so grateful to all of our respondents, but unfortunately we couldn’t give you all scholarships. But the good news is you can all take part in our E-Discovery Day trivia contests. We’ve got two fun trivia events with prizes generously sponsored by FTI Consulting and Consilio… which leads us to our other big announcement today, the E-Discovery Day 2021 agenda.

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