Tim Rollins, Exterro: E-Discovery Day: Looking Back with Gratitude

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Extract from Tim Rollins’s article “E-Discovery Day: Looking Back with Gratitude”

As E-Discovery Day 2021 approaches fast, arriving next Friday on December 3rd, Thanksgiving week feels like an opportune time to look back at the past six years of celebrations of e-discovery’s important and growing role in our legal system. Since its inception in 2015, E-Discovery Day has grown and evolved, but one consistent element has been a commitment to educating professionals on the cases, rulings, best practices, and technologies that make e-discovery what it is today. Read on to recapture some of the key lessons we’ve learned since then.

Gratitude: In 2015, e-discovery thought leaders shared what in e-discovery they were thankful for, an insightful list into the skills, technology, and people involved in the process. One great highlight was from Gareth Evans, Esq. celebrating the recently enacted FCRP changes, especially 37E. In addition, he is excited about the development of new technology to address challenges such as legal hold, process management, collection of texts and IMs and search voice recordings, and also search and review of large documents using analytics and predictive coding. “We have come a long way with new technology and give the promise of making our jobs easier.”

Best practices: In 2016, in the wake of E-Discovery Day, Exterro compiled a list of 30 best practices for e-discovery learned on E-Discovery Day, and highlighted many of them in this great summary post

Judicial Opinions: In 2017, one of the most popular discussions on E-Discovery Day featured a handful of judges known for their expertise on matters of e-discovery. It’s critical for e-discovery professionals to understand what judges think, and Exterro’s grateful for the judges who offer their time and energy to keep us informed. Check out their thoughts in this recap from four years ago.

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