Timothy Corcoran, Corcoran Consulting: College of Law Practice Management (COLPM) Call for Speakers

Extract from Timothy Corcoran’s article “COLPM’s Call for Speakers, Ideas, Fellows Updates & Musical Talents”

I have the good fortune to co-chair the 2019 Futures Conference, presented by the College of Law Practice Management. The College has been showcasing and predicting the future of the legal market for many years now, since well before most of the market realized that change is both necessary and happening. This year, we’re emphasizing that the future is HERE. Incumbents in any disrupted market are notoriously resistant to change because, quite obviously, they’ve mastered success in the status quo. Many of them will engage in esoteric discussions of the future, but few take action. Incumbents often approach the topic of change as if they have a voice or a vote on whether change will happen. They are wrong. Change in the legal profession is not only coming, it’s here. Ideas that for some incumbents presage a vague and distant future are for others a compelling, profitable present.  Incumbents don’t have a vote on whether change is coming, but they do have a vote on how they react. Or not.

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