Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals

Tips for Paralegals and Litigation Support Professionals – June 2022

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June 4, 2022 – Getting a HP duplexer to work after you’ve installed it.

Note that on HP printers, even after you have manually installed a duplexer into the rear of a model such as those for the HP 600 series, it will not necessarily work unless you make changes to the printer’s properties. Select the printer under Printers & Scanners in Windows 10, click Manage, and then click ‘Printer Properties’. On the Device Settings tab, scroll down and find the option in the ‘Installable Options’ group for ‘Duplex Unit (for 2-sided Printing)’ and make sure that it’s set to ‘Installed’.

Getting a HP duplexer to work after you've installed it_1

June 11, 2022 – Easy Bates

Don’t miss the simple utility from Rennie Glen Software, Easy Bates, which is a fast and easy way to Bates stamp a set of documents.

Available for download here, Easy Bates lets you set a Bates number:

Easy Bates_1

. . . and drag a set of document images into Easy Bates to process:

Easy Bates_2

It conveniently gives you the option to rename both the pages or the documents themselves based on the Bates number you set.

Easy Bates_3

It includes an option to remove Bates stamps, and can even create label sheets with Bates numbers, in case there’s anyone out there who is still doing that.

Easy Bates_4

Easy Bates gets you fast results with minimal effort.

June 18, 2022 – Find and Correct Overlapping Deposition Designations

You can use the spreadsheet attached below to identify and correct overlapping deposition designation page and line ranges.

Begin by entering the beginning and ending page and line ranges in columns B to E, listing the deponent’s name in column A. It is necessary to have the ranges sorted by deponent name, beginning page number, beginning line number, ending page number, and then ending line number.

Find and Correct Overlapping Deposition Designations_1

Next, pull down the formulas in columns F to I. The formula in G will find where an overlapping range begins, and the formula in H will find where it ends The formula in column will give a result of ‘Review’ for the ranges you need to correct, and blank for the ranges which can be left uncorrected in the final Excel file. The formula result in column F shows which ranges are simply duplicates.

Find and Correct Overlapping Deposition Designations_2

Filter in column G for ‘check’, and then pull down the formulas in J to R.

Then filter in column H for check, and pull down the formulas in columns J to R.

Find and Correct Overlapping Deposition Designations_3

The result will show the correct ranges on the same row as the beginning range in columns O to R.

Find and Correct Overlapping Deposition Designations_4

The formula in column N will show where more than two ranges overlap with one another.

June 25, 2022 – CONCAT text in Excel

Don’t miss that the recent addition to the current version of Excel, the CONCAT formula, will let you easily combine the text of a range of cells.

The older CONCATENATE formula will give you an error if you attempt to combine a range of cells containing text or digits.

CONCAT text in Excel_1

CONCAT lets you easily combine the contents of multiple cells. This is useful when you want to compare the entries on one row for differences on another row.

CONCAT text in Excel_2
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