Tom Wood, Venio Systems: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your EDiscovery Platform?

Venio Systems

Extract from Tom Wood’s article “Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your EDiscovery Platform?”

The purpose of an eDiscovery platform is to drive efficiency in the legal discovery process. Most cases include massive amounts of data. As a result, you need a solution that can find the relevant information fast, reduce review time, and automate manual processes. Not every eDiscovery platform can do all these things, so how’s your system working for you?

If you’re unhappy with your system’s quality, performance, and/or productivity, then it’s time to implement something that meets your needs and powers your success.

What Are the Key Areas of Optimization?

In every software category, optimization is critical. Unfortunately, many eDiscovery solutions available on the market come with in-built limitations. Some are obvious, while most are invisible, so you may only experience them after months of use. To make sure you get the maximum benefit from your legal technology software, you’ll need to evaluate the areas of optimization available in eDiscovery. These areas are listed below.

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