Trust the (E-Discovery) Process

Extract from Tim Rollins’ article “Trust the (E-Discovery) Process”

When the former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie explained that fans needed to “trust the process” (intentionally losing in order to assemble the assets needed to compete for a championship), it made sense to me. I don’t like the 76ers, but I could see the logic in it. After all, I’ve always said that I’m a “process” person, meaning that when I do something, I try to follow the recommended process and trust that good results will follow. Although Hinkie did not survive the process, losing his job in 2016, it clearly has borne fruit, as the Sixers won a playoff round last season.

His successor, Bryan Colangelo, has also not survived as a result of a process—but this process has nothing to do with basketball. In fact, it has far more to do with another process-oriented activity near to my heart: e-discovery.

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