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Introducing the ACEDS Summer Sale: Unlocking Professional Growth and Opportunities

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It’s that time of year again—the ACEDS Summer Sale is here! This annual campaign highlights the value of joining ACEDS, enrolling in training, and pursuing certification in e-discovery. In this article, we want to emphasize the importance of accreditation and showcase the incredible opportunities it can bring, especially when it is technology agnostic.

In today’s competitive job market, where skills and knowledge hold immense value, certifications are credentials that can significantly boost your career prospects. These specialized credentials validate expertise in specific areas and testify to your dedication, commitment, and continuous learning.

Now, let’s dive into the value of the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) credential and explore how earning this certification can unlock doors to professional growth and abundant opportunities.

Demonstrating Expertise and Credibility

First and foremost, the CEDS certification provides tangible evidence of your proficiency in e-discovery. Earning this credential showcases your dedication to staying up-to-date with e-discovery industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Our research has shown that employers recognize the CEDS certification as a clear indication of your commitment to professional development. In turn, it enhances your credibility and instills trust in your abilities.


Competitive Advantage in the Job Market

In a highly competitive job market, the CEDS certification gives you a distinct advantage over candidates without credentials. This certification sets you apart and highlights your specialized knowledge and skills.

Employers often use certifications as benchmarks to identify candidates with the required expertise, making selecting qualified professionals easier.

Expanded Career Opportunities

The CEDS certification can open doors to many career opportunities while demonstrating your ability to take on new challenges. E-discovery is closely related to IT, privacy, and cybersecurity industries, which employ similar processes. These industries highly value certifications of their own. Holding the CEDS certification not only increases your chances of landing lucrative job offers, promotions, and exciting projects but can expand your career path to business areas where your knowledge of e-discovery can benefit.

Increased Earning Potential

The CEDS certification (similar to a PMP, CISSP, or equivalent) can lead to higher earning potential. Certified professionals often earn more than their non-certified counterparts due to the specialized knowledge and expertise they bring to the table. Employers are willing to invest in accredited professionals because they can contribute to the organization’s success and deliver tangible results.

Professional Development and Continued Growth

Certifications offer opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth. Preparing for and earning a certification allows you to deepen your understanding of the subject matter, acquire new skills, and broaden your perspective. And maintaining your e-discovery credential requires ongoing education and renewal, ensuring you stay updated with the latest industry advancements.

Networking and Community Engagement

Certifications often come with the added benefit of joining a community of like-minded professionals. ACEDS is a vibrant community that provides opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and staying connected with industry experts. These connections can lead to mentorship, advocacy, collaboration, and even new career or project opportunities.


In an ever-evolving professional landscape, certifications have become invaluable assets for individuals seeking career growth and success. They validate your expertise, enhance your credibility, and set you apart.

Investing in e-discovery certification demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, positioning yourself for exciting opportunities and a rewarding career journey. Embrace the value of accreditation and unlock the doors to a world of possibilities.

Don’t miss out on the ACEDS Summer Sale—take advantage of this incredible opportunity to propel your career forward!

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Mike Quartararo
Mike Quartararo is the President of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), the world’s leading organization providing training and certification in e-discovery to law firms, corporate legal departments and the broader the legal community. He is also the author of the 2016 book Project Management in Electronic Discovery and has been successfully consulting in information governance, e-discovery, project management and legal technology for two decades, including 10-year stints at both Skadden Arps and Stroock. A graduate of the State University of New York, he is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS). He frequently writes and speaks on e-discovery, legal operations, project management and technology topics. Reach him via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @mikequartararo.

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