US Survey Finds Big Legal Tech Knowledge Gap Among Lawyers

Extract from Artificial Lawyer’s article “US Survey Finds Big Legal Tech Knowledge Gap Among Lawyers”

A survey conducted by Ari Kaplan Advisors ahead of the launch of a new Business of Law Institute at the New York Law School has found that US lawyers have significant knowledge gaps around legal tech and tend to see the subject through the prism of security and the need to understand eDiscovery, rather than focus on more strategic tech issues.

There was also a clear narrative emerging that legal tech was something for the ‘younger generation’ to understand and make use of, suggesting that some older lawyers have to some extent decided they won’t be able to engage with the new wave of legal technology now spreading through the market.

For example, one of the interviewees of the survey said: ‘The people who can unlock the value proposition [of legal tech] are those coming out of law school or new lawyers who understand the technology.

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