Venio Systems: 6 Benefits of Managed eDiscovery Services


Extract from Justin Reynolds, Akshita Singhal & Lianna Vaughan’s article “6 Benefits of Managed eDiscovery Services”

eDiscovery teams today face rising pressure to lower costs and improve productivity. As a result, organizations are increasingly moving away from proprietary platforms in favor of efficient and affordable managed eDiscovery solutions. 

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of using managed eDiscovery services and what to look for in a provider.

What Are Managed eDiscovery Services?

Managed eDiscovery is a model that allows companies, law firms, and government agencies to access critical eDiscovery services in a safe, easy, and cost-effective way. 

Until recently, organizations had to manage their eDiscovery platforms and infrastructure internally. This approach is expensive and inefficient. It also places a heavy burden on in-house IT staff who have to build, deploy, and manage the platforms. 

But now, it’s possible to obtain eDiscovery services through a third-party provider. In other words, you can access everything you need to manage eDiscovery from a cloud-based portal for a low cost. 

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