Venio Systems: The Best Way to Set Your eDiscovery Practice Apart


Extract from Akshita Singhal & Lianna Vaughan’s article “The Best Way to Set Your eDiscovery Practice Apart”

As we propel through an ever-increasingly digitizing world, more and new data types and sources join the eDiscovery landscape. The demand for eDiscovery specialists and professionals, in turn, also increases.

But how can you prove your speciality? One way is with eDiscovery training and certification programs.

Read on to learn more about the impact these programs can have on you, your legal team, and your clients.

Understanding Certification and Training Programs

eDiscovery training and certification programs typically fall into one of two categories: product specific programs and industry specific programs. A product specific program is usually offered by an eDiscovery provider and uniquely pertains to their platforms or applications. 

Whereas industry specific programs are more broad in content, assessing how well you understand eDiscovery processes, compliance and regulation practices, information and data management, and much more. 

Certification and training programs vary in difficulty and modality, depending on the provider. Programs typically range from introductory levels for students or individuals just starting out in the legal industry to mastery levels for eDiscovery veterans who have been working in the industry for years. Some programs are offered on-demand to provide more flexibility for the user, others are live or in-person, and some are a hybrid of the two. 

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