Victoria Hudgins: Why Corporate E-Discovery Insourcing Isn’t Keeping ALSPs Up at Night

Extract from Victoria Hudgins’ article “Why Corporate E-Discovery Insourcing Isn’t Keeping ALSPs Up at Night”

More corporate legal departments taking some e-discovery tasks in-house isn’t keeping e-discovery providers up at night. Instead of viewing in-house e-discovery as a lost opportunity, alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) argued that it actually means more clients will seek out their assistance for scalability solutions. 

Over the years, corporate legal departments have brought more e-discovery services in-house to drive down costs and improve efficiencies. According to “The State of E-Discovery 2020″ report released by e-discovery provider Exterro Inc. in May, 50% of legal departments have built-in e-discovery services.

Dameon Allensworth, president and co-founder of outsourcing document review provider iNof8 Legal, noted in-house legal departments leveraging e-discovery technology will eventually adversely affect ALSPs.

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