Video Killed the Radio Star

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Says David Kinnear:  “Video killed the radio star” [Buggles]

It’s also going to be both disruptive and amazing for the modern legal industry.

This week we were delighted to officially welcome ACEDS to HPC TV – providing a place for people to find helpful video footage and background information on the organization.

We created HPC TV to be “TV for law” – a place of connection around visual material, which is so often the best and quickest way to explain things. We think video can be fabulously helpful in the legal industry for providers seeking to explain, succinctly, who they are, why they’re different, what they offer – and how it helps. The use cases are limitless. So many of us think and learn visually – it’s time to harness this powerful fact in the modern legal industry.

We’ve also built in some livestreaming capabilities and over time, we’ll be moving to the TV in the corner of the living room. Piece by piece we’re opening up the various parts of this new module for High Performance Counsel. As we speak, right now, we’re busy rolling out Feature Channels and #Primetime programming opportunities.

For now, we’re incredibly excited and honored to have our great friends at ACEDS join our line-up and we invite you to come take a look.

You can find HPC TV at:

The ACEDS channel is here:

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