Warm Thanksgiving Wishes for Our “eDiscovery AND” Community from Mary Mack

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My Dear ACEDS and Friends Community,

We are so very grateful for the gift of your attention, your contributions to our growing global eDiscovery community, and for your support of the ACEDS mission. We thank you for giving back to the profession and to your local communities by volunteering and hosting benefits.

We celebrate our long time chapters who have successfully introduced new leadership, like our Jacksonville and Detroit chapters. We thank our chapter champions and leaders who emerged this year, from San Francisco to the Benelux. We are also excited to welcome Chicago, Los Angeles and South Africa.

We thank our affiliates, sponsors, affinity partners, and friends who make our events possible and who share their educational mission and product roadmaps so generously.

We thank our mentors, our faculty, and our students for sharing their hard won experience and research. We thank our social supporters, reporters and bloggers who amplify our community members.

I am grateful for our ACEDS and greater BARBRI team members who make all things possible.

ACEDS wishes you a peaceful, healthy, and abundant weekend.

See you CyberMonday!



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