Happy holidays from ACEDS

Warmest Greetings of the Season to You

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We are at the end of 2018, and once again, it is my honor and privilege to send to you a holiday note regarding our growing, welcoming, international community.

We’ve learned much together this year:  from AI to having the right cables for court, from South Africa to San Francisco.  We’ve networked in Detroit, Amsterdam, London, Jacksonville, Chicago, Boston, New York, LA, Miami (and Gainesville).  Our faculty has included new IT entrants to eDiscovery and the most loved, well known ediscovery judges.

Many of you have reached out for personnel recommendations, from non-profits to legal departments and law firms to the UN to the ICC.  CEDS preferred is showing up on job listings with increasing frequency.

We are so grateful you received our certificate program, introduced on CyberMonday, with enthusiasm and that you are proudly displaying your new digital badges.

We’ve welcomed Peter Bruce and Deja Miller to our ops team, and Michael Terry to our Sales team.  We’re supported by the best affiliate partners in our industry, who have made our ACEDS events and education truly memorable.

We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our Chapter Leaders, our champions, our mentors, reporters, bloggers and everyone on social media who have lifted us up this year, and lifted their local communities through their actions.

You are the bedrock strength of our community and we thank you.

Warmest wishes for a joy filled season,



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