What Exactly Does “Where Angels Fear to Tread” Mean?

Extract from Tom O’Connor’s article “WHAT EXACTLY DOES ‘WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD’ MEAN?” 

Keyword search is back in the news again after the recent order in United States v. New Mexico State University (No. 1:16-cv-00911-JAP-LF, 2017 WL 4386358 (D.N.M. Sept. 29, 2017) and with it, the predictable spate of articles and posts demeaning keyword search and using as their basis the reference to J. Facciola and his “where angels fear to tread” quote.

It’s like hurricanes returning every year to the Gulf of Mexico: we know they’re going to be strong, we just don’t know when they will appear or exactly how strong they will be. As that great legal analyst James W. Buffet once observed, “aint no reasonin with hurricane season.”

Or misplaced legal analysis.

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