Will Walker, Hanzo: Calling All Lawyers: You Can Be Agents of Change in Driving Sustainability

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Extract from Will Walker’s article “Calling All Lawyers: You Can Be Agents of Change in Driving Sustainability”

Hanzo’s Luminary Spotlight of Christine Uri, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at ENGIE Impact

We have some exciting happenings coming up on the Hanzo calendar this spring! We’re kicking things off with the first discussion in our Luminary Series, where we interview industry thought leaders to explore the latest trends impacting corporate, legal, compliance, and governance issues. 

On Thursday, May 5, 2022, at 10 a.m. Pacific/1 p.m. Eastern, Hanzo’s Will Walker will be chatting with Christine Uri, Chief Legal Officer at ENGIE Impact, in a session titled “Environmental Social Governance and How Enterprises Can Advance Sustainability Initiatives.”

Christine has a message for lawyers, especially in-house corporate lawyers. If you went to law school with the idea that maybe you could do some good in the world—even if you’ve since forsaken your optimism and instead aimed for the best grades, the best clerkship, and the best associate role—it’s not too late for those aspirational dreams. You can be a force for good in the world right where you are now.

But before we get to the how let’s take a step back. 

A Little Background: Who Is Christine Uri?

Christine wears a lot of hats at ENGIE Impact. She’s the Chief Legal Officer, overseeing the company’s global legal team, and the Chief Sustainability Officer. Her work—and ENGIE Impact’s work overall—focuses on helping global companies accelerate their net-zero journey through strategic consulting and data and technology services. Within ENGIE Impact’s corporate sustainability program, Christine makes sure the company uses the best practices it recommends to clients and tests its own products, clinching its leadership role in the sustainability space.

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