Women in eDiscovery™ Announces Operation Safe Spaces Leadership Team

MINNEAPOLIS – June 27, 2024 – PRLog — Women in eDiscovery (http://www.womeninediscovery.org/), a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that brings together women interested in technology related to the legal profession, is proud to announce the formal leadership team for the Operation Safe Spaces (OSS) Task Force. This initiative helps to foster inclusive spaces for all regardless of gender, where mutual respect flourishes within the legal and eDiscovery communities.

The newly appointed leadership team will establish strategic goals and objectives to enhance environments of respect and safety within the legal and eDiscovery communities. The leadership consists of:

Executive Committee:

  • President: Esther Birnbaum
  • Vice President: Blair Cohen
  • Secretaries: Jennifer Griffith and Christine Porras

Working Group Chairs:

  • Allies Working Group: Florinda Baldridge and Jared Crafton
  • Events Liaison Working Group: Marla Crawford and Joy Heath Rush
  • PR/Media Working Group: Amy Juers and Maribel Rivera
  • Resource Aggregation/Reporting Working Group: Shimmy Messing and Rachel O’Shea
  • Training/Education Working Group: Deeanna Fleener and Shana Pederson

Operation Safe Spaces is a working group assembled to inspire change by cultivating an atmosphere where mutual respect flourishes guided by education, heightened awareness and actionable protocols.

The task force working groups will create:

Educational Programs: To enlighten and empower individuals about the importance of safe and respectful environments.

Reporting Infrastructure: To ensure every voice is heard and concerns are addressed promptly.

Resource Allocation: To support the task force’s core values with necessary resources.

Media Press Kits and Initiatives: To spread the message widely and build a culture of safety and respect.

Guidelines: To ensure all professional gatherings are safe spaces for everyone involved.

Operation Safe Spaces is collaborating with ILTA to better understand the safety protocols in place for ILTACON. The task force will provide an educational session at ILTACON, taking place August 11-15, 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee. This session will be a significant platform to share insights, strategies and the importance of creating safe spaces within our professional spheres.

To learn more about Operation Safe Spaces, visit https://www.womeninediscovery.org/OSS.

About Women in eDiscovery

Women in eDiscovery (www.womeninediscovery.org) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that brings together women around the world who are interested in technology related to the legal industry. Its goal is to provide opportunities for businesswomen to grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and recognition.


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